Nutella Bombolone


Our cakes and sweets platters are the ideal treat for any function, party or get tufter. Made fresh in-store and beautifully presented, they are guaranteed to be a hit!


Quantity – 4


Wheaten Flour, Animal Fats Oils. Antixidant 320, Sugar, Milk Solids, non fat, salt, bulking powders (500, 341, 450), dextrose,wheat gluten,emulsifiers (481, 472e, 471, 322), flour treatment agent 300, vegetable oil, hazelnuts (13%),skim milk powder(8.7%), fat reduced cocoa powder (7.4&),(lecithins)(soy), flavouring (vanilla), milk solids 8.7% total cocoa soilds 7.4% contains hazelnuts,milk,soy